Development resources for OpenStack clouds

You can use SDKs, APIs, and CLIs to interact with private and public OpenStack clouds. Use the APIs when an SDK is not available for the programming language that you use.

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A software development kit (SDK) contains code, examples, and documentation that you use to create OpenStack cloud applications in the language of your choice.

If one of the following SDKs do not support your language or use case, you can use the APIs or one of the other known SDKs.


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Mailing list: ruby-fog
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An application programming interface (API) lets you access service capabilities through predefined functions.

To learn how to use the APIs, see the OpenStack API Guide.



A command-line interface (CLI) is a text-based client that helps you create scripts to interact with OpenStack clouds.

To install the CLIs, see Install the CLIs.

To use the CLIs, see OpenStack command-line clients.

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