Backup and DR Service Versions

Backup and DR Service Versions

API Versions

Freezer API supports v1 and v2.


List major versions

Gets the home document.

This operation gets the home document.

The entire API is discoverable from a single starting point, the home document. To explore the entire API, you need to know only this one URI. This document is cacheable.

The home document lets you write clients by using relational links, so clients do not have to construct their own URLs. You can click through and view the JSON doc in your browser.

For more information about home documents, see

Normal response codes: 300 Error response codes: serviceUnavailable (503)

Response Parameters

Name In Type Description
versions body list A list of supported major API versions.

Response Example

  "versions": [
      "status": "CURRENT",
      "updated": "2015-03-23T13:45:00",
      "id": "1",
      "links": [
          "href": "/v1/",
          "rel": "self"
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