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Octavia API

This is a reference for the OpenStack Load Balancing API which is provided by the Octavia project.

Current API version

Supported API version


Deprecated API version

Octavia API minor releases are additive to the API major revision and share the same URL path. Minor revision changes to the API are called out in the API reference in the section the change occurred in. Subsequent minor versions are a superset of the previous versions of the same major revision.

The API status reflects the state of the endpoint on the service.

  • Current indicates a stable version that is up-to-date, recent, and might receive future versions. This endpoint should be prioritized over all others.
  • Supported is a stable version that is available on the server. However, it is not likely the most recent available and might not be updated or might be deprecated at some time in the future.
  • Deprecated is a stable version that is still available but is being deprecated and might be removed in the future.
  • Experimental is not a stable version. This version is under development or contains features that are otherwise subject to change. For more information about API status values and version information, see Version Discovery.

API Discovery


List All Versions

This fetches all the information about all known API versions in the deployment.

Response codes

Code Reason
200 - OK Request was successful.
Code Reason
500 - Internal Server Error Something went wrong with the service which prevents it from fulfilling the request.


Name In Type Description
id body string A common name for the version.
links body array A list of relative links. Includes the self link for the API.
status body string

The status of this API version. This can be one of:

  • CURRENT: This is the preferred version of the API to use.
  • SUPPORTED: This is an older, but still supported version of the API.
  • DEPRECATED: A deprecated version of the API that is slated for removal.
updated_at body string The UTC date and timestamp when the resource was last updated.

Response Example

  "versions": [{
    "status": "DEPRECATED",
    "updated": "2014-12-11T00:00:00Z",
    "id": "v1",
    "links": [{
      "href": "",
      "rel": "self"
  }, {
    "status": "SUPPORTED",
    "updated": "2016-12-11T00:00:00Z",
    "id": "v2.0",
    "links": [{
      "href": "",
      "rel": "self"
  }, {
    "status": "CURRENT",
    "updated": "2018-04-20T00:00:00Z",
    "id": "v2.1",
    "links": [{
      "href": "",
      "rel": "self"


This is just an example output and does not represent the current API versions available.

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