In order to work with an OpenStack cloud you first need to create a Connection to it using your credentials. A Connection can be created in 3 ways, using the class itself, a file, or environment variables. If this is your first time using the SDK, we recommend simply using the class itself as illustrated below.

Create Connection

To create a connection you need a Profile and a Connection.

def create_connection(auth_url, region, project_name, username, password):
    prof = profile.Profile()
    prof.set_region(profile.Profile.ALL, region)

    return connection.Connection(

The Profile sets your preferences for each service. You will pass it the region of the OpenStack cloud that this connection will use.

The Connection is a context for a connection to an OpenStack cloud. You will primarily use it to set the Profile and authentication information. You can also set the user_agent to something that describes your application (e.g. my-web-app/1.3.4).

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To enable logging, see the Logging user guide.

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