The HealthMonitor Class

The HealthMonitor class inherits from Resource.

class openstack.load_balancer.v2.health_monitor.HealthMonitor(_synchronized=False, **attrs)

The base resource

Parameters:_synchronized (bool) – This is not intended to be used directly. See new() and existing().
created_at = None

Properties Timestamp when the health monitor was created.

delay = None

The time, in seconds, between sending probes to members.

expected_codes = None

The expected http status codes to get from a successful health check

http_method = None

The HTTP method that the monitor uses for requests

is_admin_state_up = None

The administrative state of the health monitor Type: bool

max_retries = None

The number of successful checks before changing the operating status of the member to ONLINE.

max_retries_down = None

The number of allowed check failures before changing the operating status of the member to ERROR.

name = None

The health monitor name

operating_status = None

Operating status of the member.

pool_id = None

The ID of the associated Pool

project_id = None

The ID of the project

provisioning_status = None

The provisioning status of this member.

timeout = None

The time, in seconds, after which a health check times out

type = None

The type of health monitor

updated_at = None

Timestamp when the member was last updated.

url_path = None

The HTTP path of the request to test the health of a member

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