The Agent Class

The Agent class inherits from Resource.

class, **attrs)

Neutron agent extension.

The base resource

Parameters:_synchronized (bool) – This is not intended to be used directly. See new() and existing().
agent_type = None

The type of network agent.

availability_zone = None

Availability zone for the network agent.

binary = None

The name of the network agent’s application binary.

configuration = None

Network agent configuration data specific to the agent_type.

created_at = None

Timestamp when the network agent was created.

description = None

The network agent description.

last_heartbeat_at = None

Timestamp when the network agent’s heartbeat was last seen.

host = None

The host the agent is running on.

is_admin_state_up = None

The administrative state of the network agent, which is up True or down False. Type: bool

is_alive = None

Whether or not the network agent is alive. Type: bool

started_at = None

Timestamp when the network agent was last started.

topic = None

The messaging queue topic the network agent subscribes to.

ha_state = None

The HA state of the L3 agent. This is one of ‘active’, ‘standby’ or ‘fault’ for HA routers, or None for other types of routers.

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