The Subnet Class

The Subnet class inherits from Resource.

class, **attrs)

The base resource

Parameters:_synchronized (bool) – This is not intended to be used directly. See new() and existing().
allocation_pools = None

List of allocation pools each of which has a start and an end address for this subnet

cidr = None


created_at = None

Timestamp when the subnet was created.

description = None

The subnet description.

dns_nameservers = None

A list of DNS nameservers.

gateway_ip = None

The gateway IP address.

host_routes = None

A list of host routes.

ip_version = None

The IP version, which is 4 or 6. Type: int

ipv6_address_mode = None

The IPv6 address modes which are ‘dhcpv6-stateful’, ‘dhcpv6-stateless’ or ‘slacc’.

ipv6_ra_mode = None

The IPv6 router advertisements modes which can be ‘slaac’, ‘dhcpv6-stateful’, ‘dhcpv6-stateless’.

is_dhcp_enabled = None

Set to True if DHCP is enabled and False if DHCP is disabled. Type: bool

name = None

The subnet name.

network_id = None

The ID of the attached network.

project_id = None

The ID of the project this subnet is associated with.

revision_number = None

Revision number of the subnet. Type: int

segment_id = None

The ID of the segment this subnet is associated with.

service_types = None

Service types for this subnet

subnet_pool_id = None

The subnet pool ID from which to obtain a CIDR.

updated_at = None

Timestamp when the subnet was last updated.

use_default_subnet_pool = None

Whether to use the default subnet pool to obtain a CIDR.

tags = None

A list of assocaited tags Type: list of tag strings

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