The Stack Class

The Stack class inherits from Resource.

class openstack.orchestration.v1.stack.Stack(_synchronized=False, **attrs)

The base resource

Parameters:_synchronized (bool) – This is not intended to be used directly. See new() and existing().
capabilities = None

Placeholder for AWS compatible template listing capabilities required by the stack.

created_at = None

Timestamp of the stack creation.

description = None

A text description of the stack.

is_rollback_disabled = None

Whether the stack will support a rollback operation on stack create/update failures. Type: bool

A list of dictionaries containing links relevant to the stack.

name = None

Name of the stack.

notification_topics = None

Placeholder for future extensions where stack related events can be published.

outputs = None

A list containing output keys and values from the stack, if any.

owner_id = None

The ID of the owner stack if any.

parameters = None

A dictionary containing the parameter names and values for the stack.

parent_id = None

The ID of the parent stack if any

status = None

A string representation of the stack status, e.g. CREATE_COMPLETE.

status_reason = None

A text explaining how the stack transits to its current status.

tags = None

A list of strings used as tags on the stack

template = None

A dict containing the template use for stack creation.

template_description = None

Stack template description text. Currently contains the same text as that of the description property.

template_url = None

A string containing the URL where a stack template can be found.

timeout_mins = None

Stack operation timeout in minutes.

updated_at = None

Timestamp of last update on the stack.

user_project_id = None

The ID of the user project created for this stack.

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