The Execution Class

The Execution class inherits from Resource.

class openstack.workflow.v2.execution.Execution(_synchronized=False, **attrs)

The base resource

Parameters:_synchronized (bool) – This is not intended to be used directly. See new() and existing().
workflow_name = None

The name of the workflow

workflow_id = None

The ID of the workflow

description = None

A description of the workflow execution

task_execution_id = None

A reference to the parent task execution

status = None

Status can be one of: IDLE, RUNNING, SUCCESS, ERROR, or PAUSED

status_info = None

An optional information string about the status

input = None

A JSON structure containing workflow input values

output = None

The output of the workflow

created_at = None

The time at which the Execution was created

updated_at = None

The time at which the Execution was updated

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